Reflux Products for Sleep

Sleep is associated with healing, metabolism, and many other health factors. Consistently getting a good night's sleep is also essential to minimizing reflux. However, this can be a major challenge for reflux sufferers. Reflux can negatively and chronically affect sleep...which then causes more reflux.

Below are the sleep related products I recommend for people with chronic acid reflux or GERD. Many of these are referenced inside the Stop My PPI eBook and have been very helpful in my ability to wean off (and stay off) PPI medication. Full disclosure: Along with the eBook for sale on Amazon, I also earn a small commission from qualifying purchases on the links provided.

Adjustable Bed Bases

This adjustable bed base is the version I personally own. It has been very helpful with nighttime reflux far anyway...hasn't had any mechanical issues. I chose the model with a wired remote because I didn't want to worry about replacing batteries or losing the remote. However, the second model listed (the e3) has a wireless remote, if that's what you prefer.

Blissful Nights e2 Adjustable Bed Frame (w/ wired remote)

The next model up, the e3, which has a wireless remote:

Blissful Nights e3 Adjustable Bed Frame (w/ wireless remote)

Bed Wedges for Reflux

A full length bed wedge would be the next best alternative to an adjustable base for nocturnal reflux. This one is very similar to the one I started with, prior to getting an adjustable base, and it worked well...certainly better than lying flat. Note that you can use these either under or on top of your mattress.

Mattress Elevator Base for Acid Reflux

Another option for a bed wedge that helps with reflux is one that only raises the upper body. These are perhaps the least comfortable and effective, but are also the least expensive. This style of bed wedge is also better for travel. The one below is also a bit wider than most, increasing comfort and room for rolling over while sleeping.

Wide Bed Wedge - Supportive Foam