Stop My PPI

Are you a "Refluxer" who depends on PPI medication but would like to stop due to the potential health risks of long-term use? Perhaps you've even tried stopping before without success? If so, Stop My PPI was written for YOU.


Stop My PPI shares how I successfully stopped my own PPI medication - after sixteen years of dependence on it for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (aka GERD). Now, at the time of this writing, I have been PPI-free for nearly three years while experiencing no overall GERD progression.

To be clear, what I'm advocating is not a "cure" for GERD or other reflux-related conditions. Though for some people, I believe remission is possible. The main goal is this: Stop or reduce long-term PPI use, while effectively managing acid reflux by other, more healthful means.

To help you reach this goal, Stop My PPI outlines a simple and flexible 3-step plan. It includes various methods, tools and guidelines which have allowed me to stop PPI therapy while keeping reflux in check. It suggests more natural ways to work with your body to bring about balance...and to help maintain that balance. It is based on knowledge accumulated from many years of firsthand experience and from other helpful sources.

Please understand that while this plan is fairly straightforward, actually stopping PPIs may not be. You must be prepared to take strict measures to give yourself the best chance of success. This is not a quick fix, but an overall lifestyle-changing approach.

Furthermore, everyone's circumstances are a bit different. Everyone's physical, mental, and general life conditions are unique. So, while following this plan, some amount of experimentation and modification should be expected to determine what works best for you.

Before attempting to stop PPI treatment on your own, please consult your healthcare provider. I am not professionally qualified to give medical or dietary advice. If your reflux-related condition is severe, PPI use may remain your best option for now - and that's OK. You may still be able to reduce your PPI dosage with some of the suggestions that follow.

From one Refluxer to another...I sincerely hope Stop My PPI can help you stop your medication, master your reflux, and enjoy the benefits of a more healthful lifestyle.

~Thomas Bell

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